Thursday, 15 January 2015

New Technologies For Its Pest Control Sydney Services

CPM Pest & Hygiene Services are likely to introduce newer techniques of pest control. This was announced by a Company spokesman in a press conference that was arranged in the headquarter of the Pest Control Sydney Company.

Speaking to the reporters, the spokesman stated that the newer techniques of pest control is the hour of need, to get rid of the harmful pests that are causing great harm to agricultural lands and farmhouses, thanks to the growing phenomenon of global warming. Elaborating on the subject, the spokesman reiterated that the company, in view of the growing need of introducing newer techniques, has made a substantial amount of investment over the past few weeks and is looking forward to introduce the newer techniques by the end of the next quarter of the current calendar year. 
The spokesman, who declined to elaborate on the plans right at present, however, assured that once the plans work out to the fullest and the trial runs are successful, everything will be made public.  
He also took questions from the reporters and discussed on a wide range of subjects that included the plans of spreading its business to the newer sects of the market, around Sydney.  Experts are of the opinion that the new move by the company is specifically designed to counter the increasing competition in the market that has been triggered off by the emergence of newer companies, which though are relatively new, are coming up with more vigor and  newer techniques. 

CPM Pest & Hygiene Services is the Sydney-based pest control company, which has been offering its services to the residents in and around Sydney since 1994 and is one of the most renowned and well known names in the PestControl Sydney fraternity.

Experts, some of whom were present at the meeting when asked to comment on the move, said on the condition of anonymity that the move of the company is designed to counter the threat posed by the newer companies who are coming up with newer technologies and modes of operations. The company, though at present enjoys a sizable amount of clients, does not look down the barrel and face any steep competition and would like to continue enjoying the clear monopoly in the industry, the way it is enjoying at the moment.  

A slide show was also arranged on the occasion of the meeting that displayed various techniques that the company follows in their pest controlling operations.

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